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Jun 21 2011
Stop In The Name Of Love Comments (0)


Rise Against has a catchy, hit-bound song in "Make It Stop (September's Children)," and they've partnered with the It Gets Better Project in producing a music video that illustrated the plight of kids who are bullied relentlessly school.

511-RTd8nPL._SL500_AA280_ IGB founder Dan Savage says:

"Tim McIlrath has written a powerful song. With the release of 'Make It Stop' and the accompanying video, Rise Against is sending the message to its fan base that the bullying and harassment of LGBT teens needs to stop and that suicide isn't a solution."

The video makes use of messages of hope from real teens as well as a final word from Savage. Rise Against's new album Endgame is available now—it debuted at #2.

Jun 07 2011
It Gets Melhor Comments (2)

A Brazilian take on "It Gets Better" has launched—the first of its kind in the Portuguese language...

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May 20 2011
She Got Better Comments (0)

Via Towleroad: People.com editor Janet Mock comes forward as a trans person in a frank, touching "It Gets Better" video.

Dec 12 2010
It Gets Better And Better Comments (15)

Cheaper_to_keep_her_tourVivica did theater...now everyone's doing it! Even "comedian"s.

Vivica A. Fox's "It Gets Better" video is such an unintentional parody it has to be seen to be believed. Her heart is in the right place, but "out of touch" doesn't begin to describe it. And it's got this score-settling undertone that would work if she weren't talking about her career as opposed to her personal life. Her head's so far up her own ass she should be on Xtube...

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Nov 16 2010
"These People Should Not Be On TV. Point-Blank. They Shouldn't." Comments (8)

Via Kenneth In The (212): This gay young person calls bullshit on the cast of The A-List for claiming "It Gets Better" when their show (and maybe their lives—hard to say, the show's so scripted) is all about bullying, picking each other apart, social-status oneupsmanship and even, as of last night. fisticuffs. Can't agree with him that they "should not be on TV," but it's definitely questionable that they would be so central on Logo and ridiculous that they would try to tell gay teens "It Gets Better" while doing everything they're doing to promote that "It Gets Worse"...video after the jump...

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Nov 09 2010
It Gets Into The Groove Better: "I Wouldn't Have A Career If It Weren't For The Gay Community" Comments (7)

SafariScreenSnapz002It's shallow and gossipy but...her hands look amazing!

Madonna wasn't sure where to find the YouTube, so she did her "It Gets Better" with The Ellen DeGeneres Show—works for me! It was almost too much to wish for that her entire appearance today would be a big wet kiss to the gay community, and she looks as fantastic as the content is. (I love the Truth or Dare-era makeup paired with the Ray of Light hair.)

Video and text excerpts from her chat after the jump...

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Oct 28 2010
Oral Report Comments (4)

Via Joe.My.God.: Randy Roberts Potts, the out gay grandson of the late televangelist Oral Roberts, offers his "It Gets Better" video in the form of a poem and a long letter to his late uncle, Ronnie Roberts. Ronnie committed suicide in 1982, but not before coming out as gay to his family (including Oral) and friends.

It's epic...and I especially like that he lashes out at suicide as an option...

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Oct 24 2010
Better? You Bet Comments (0)

After the jump, an inspiring video of a group of young Broadway performers singing the newly-penned song "It Gets Better" in response to the rash of gay suicides of late. It's not treacle and it works! Have a look and listen...

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Oct 23 2010
Madame Speaker: "It Gets Better" Comments (0)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi chimes in with her "It Gets Better" offering. If only it weren't about to get a whole lot worse for her, professionally speaking. Video after the jump...

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Oct 22 2010
Hot On Hillary's Heels Comments (5)

President Obama has released his own "It Gets Better" video. It pulls no punches (for example, it's explicitly directed at gay kids). I'm sure fault will be found, but I'm happy he did this—words do have meaning, and having the president making an address on this subject is nothing but good. After the jump...

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