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Apr 11 2011
Dolly Parton Is "Comin' Out Tonight!" Comments (2)

SafariScreenSnapz002Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Ariel Winter of Modern Family

Modern Family and Glee both won for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 22nd SafariScreenSnapz003 Annual GLAAD Media Awards, which presenter Joel McHale points out is not a "tie" but a "silk cravate" in LGBT terms.

Keep watching to see the acceptances, as well as videos of Dolly Parton (weirdly played on by Madonna's "Vogue," and who describes her appearance as "comin' out..." to present an award), Sean Hayes, Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Colfer and Mike O'Malley...

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Mar 28 2011
Jesse's Boy Comments (1)

People (April 11, 2011) includes this cute pic of Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his lawyer boyf Justin Mikita. The weekly celebrity mags are doing more and more of this.

Feb 10 2011
Father's Gay Comments (2)

Globe (February 21, 2011) is Jewish-mothering Jesse Tyler Ferguson, turning second-hand, anonymous quotes about how he could totally see having kids with BF Justin Mikita into, "It's a Baby for Gay Star of 'Modern Family'!"

And yes, the "Gay Star" is offset from the rest of the headline.

If they do have plans to dad it up, congrats!

Jan 26 2011
Of Glee He Sings Comments (3)

Like everyone else, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson has a healthy crush on Glee's Darren Criss. In People (February 7, 2011), he says:

"I got to meet him the other day. He's the nicest guy, so sweet, so talented. It was wonderful."


Dec 22 2010
We Are Modern Family Comments (1)

TV Guide (December 20—January 2, 2011) chooses Modern Family as its favorite TV show of the year—and grants modern family Cam, Mitchell and Lily (Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jaden Hiller) one of three cast covers.

Sep 09 2010
GayBC Comments (0)

In OK! (September 20, 2010), three of the seven things to look forward to about fall TV are gay—Teddy (Trevor Donovan) coming out on 90210, Cam and Mitch (Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) kissing on Modern Family and Kurt (Chris Colfer) getting a boyfriend (Chord Overstreet) on GLEE.

May 09 2010
The Secret Of Her Flower Comments (0)

People (May 17, 2010) has a fun Mother's Day spread featuring the cast of Modern Family, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He says of his gardening-happy mother Anne: 

"One time she was like, 'Oh, look at that cute little flower!' When she bent down to pick it up, it was the little red pompom from her sock."

May 03 2010
Lord GaGa Comments (4)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson goes GaGa on this hot version of "Alejandro."

Apr 20 2010
The Ginger Cougar Is Out Comments (1)

May 2010 - Jesse Tyler Ferguson
It's getting to the point where there are enough out celebrities to go on Out's cover each month. May's is Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family fame. (Just saw him on the street here in NYC on Friday night...can't believe my iPhone missed him.) 

He sounds like a nice guy, if also like a bit of a dirty old man (look who's typing) with his crushes on various youngsters:

"Evan Lysacek...Although I don't know if he's gay. At first I was taken by his outfits, and then I learned that Vera Wang designed them, which left me very conflicted...I need to get out of the 20-year-old age bracket. Like, I have crushes on all of the Jonas Brothers. I assume that's okay?"

Dec 04 2009
In & Out Comments (14)

Globe (December 14, 2009) has its ongoing "Who's Gay and Who's Not in Hollywood" feature. Here's the tally, according to them: 

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