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Nov 27 2009
Running From Coverage Comments (0)


Karen Golinski (right) with wife Mary Cunninghis. 

I don't even know how to begin processing this one—the Obama Administration (actually, its highest-ranking out member) is actively fighting a court order to allow health coverage for Karen Golinski's legally wedded wife (they were married in California when it was legal). Golinski is a lawyer working for the Ninth District, and as such her spouse should be covered. It's unreal...I know there is an argument about the administration having to follow decided law, but there are examples (none gay-related) where it does not. Dispiriting, disillusioning, disgusting and dishonorable.

I think time's running out on "there's still time." The window is closing and there has not been enough progress to justify defending Obama's good intentions. I think his supporters—myself included—have to admit he's failing by his own stated high standards on this issue. Would Palin be better? (A new Rasmussen—read, highly R-tainted—poll puts her 3% behind him in a '12 race.) Uh, no. But I thought the hawkish, old-school Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the Democrat liberals supported reluctantly, not Barack Obama.

Still hoping for more good news out of this guy.


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