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Jul 13 2010
This Vine-Ripened Parody Will Grow On You Comments (2)

Via Towleroad: This is by far the funniest and most topical Lady GaGa-fueled parody EVER—Sherry Vine performs this Francis Legge-directed clip to the max and it's not just some stupid, throwaway, literal take on the latest pop hit. Instead, its hits are solid and they land on well-known closet cases Charlie Crist, Larry Craig and David Dreier while also taking a swipe at Aaron Schock, whose sexuality seems to be in question largely due to his good looks, good body and, well, the belt.

Jun 03 2010
I Got A Funny Feelin' Comments (1)
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John Oliver's report on retiring quasi-Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh is hysterical...the best part being that he landed former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and then got him to gush about the perks of being a senator, inadvertently discussing his frequent trips to the airport. Craig also says quitting the Senate was like kicking smoking...and Oliver's insinuation when he taunts Craig with the memory of "that sweet, sweet taste in your mouth" is brilliant.


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