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Mar 07 2010
The Winners Take It All Comments (2)
I'm gonna go with The Hurt Locker, Bigelow, Bullock (though Streep feels like she's been surging lately), Bridges, Mo'Nique, Waltz.

But I wouldn't be shocked by Avatar, Bigelow, Streep, Bridges, Mo'Nique, Waltz.

And The Winner Is..."Fuck This!" Comments (6)

Billy Eichner would have made a good Oscars host...!

Feb 02 2010
On The List Comments (3)


 Kathryn Bigelow & James Cameron: Oscar's War of the Lenses

The Oscar nominations are out, and while some who had a pretty good shot saw their hopes dashed (Daniel Day-Lewis in Nine for Best Actor; Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria for Best Actress; (500 Days of Summer), Where the Wild Things AreInvictus, Nine, Julie and Julia and my personal choice of A Single Man for Best Picture; Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds, Julianne Moore in A Single Man and Marion Cotillard in Nine for Best Supporting Actress; Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story for Best Documentary; A Single Man for Art Direction...it was criticized as too pretty, but apparently it still wasn't pretty enough!; "Cinema Italiano" from Nine and "All is Love" from Where the Wild Things Are for Best Original Song), most of the nominees were unsurprising. In fact, with one exception (Kruger losing her spot to Maggie Gyllenhaal), all of the major acting nominees matched the SAG nominees.

Loved how the collected press applauded for the crowd-pleasing Blind Side noms...it's like American Idol where the best frequently don't win, but the favorites do! (Maybe The Blind Side is this year's Ruben Studdard.) 

Lee_daniels Kathryn Bigelow becomes only the fourth woman ever nominated for a Best Director Oscar (so deserved), and has an excellent chance to become the first to win. Also, Lee Daniels is only the second black man nominated for Best Director (also so deserved; the first was not Spike Lee, but John Singleton). Also re Daniels, I don't have stats on how many out gay people have been nominated for the award, but Rob Marshall comes to mind.

Sandra-bullock-the-blind-side As for nominating 10 films instead of five, it feels like a marketing gimmick to me, especially when only five directors are nominated—it feels like the five films whose helmers were ignored are just honorary mentions with next to no chance of winning. And I didn't find the extra five to be particularly interesting choices, either—they feel like films that should have been in the running but shouldn't have been in the final cut, or, in the case of The Blind Side, they're concessions to commercial juggernauts. (I guess that is this year's Ghost, except Ghost was able to be nominated when there were only five slots, and The Blind Side probably wouldn't have had a shot.)

But the Oscars are the original marketing gimmick gone good, so more power to the movies that benefit from the looser standards.


The full list of nominees follows (and more movie talk is available here), but my guesses right now for the top awards would be: Avatar (but Inglourious Basterds has a real shot and The Hurt Locker is not out of the question), Bigelow, Bridges, Bullock (she's had the momentum, but Streep could still pull it off in the more conservative Oscars), Mo'Nique and Waltz.

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Jan 24 2010
The Karma Awards Comments (6)

I don't doubt that Sandra Bullock is effective in The Blind Side, but I highly doubt she outperforms the other actresses nominated alongside her for a SAG Award, let alone Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie & Julia. I think she is racking up wins because she's so fucking nice and smart and accomplished and diligent—which come to think of it are better reasons than most to unfairly win awards. How many people have won Oscars due to an onslaught of studio-paid campaigning? So I guess I can't get too riled up that after winning the Golden Globe and especially last night's SAG, Bullock seems to be the front-runner for Oscar gold, narrowly ahead of the previously awarded, supremely more gifted Streep.

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Dec 17 2009
A Single SAG Comments (1)

An ubersexy new clip from A Single Man is just out (see after the jump), just in time for the Screen Actors' Guild nominations (yay, Colin! aw, no Julianne...), which are also after the jump, the only gasp-inducing shocker being the absence of Up in the Air from the ensemble acting category (the equivalent of Best Picture) despite honors for Clooney, Farmiga (who was really great) and Kendrick...

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Dec 15 2009
Golden Globes: Starfucking With An Accent! Comments (2)


The Golden Globes are always fun as quasi-Oscar predictors, and because the Hollywood Foreign Press is unabashedly pro-star. They love giving nominations (and even awards) to big names not known for their acting chops, especially when those big names stretch ever so slightly. (Case in point: Madonna was nominated for and won a Globe, though went on not to even get an Oscar nomination.)

This is why someone like Julia Roberts gets nominated for something like Duplicity (um, exactly!) and why they adore giving wins to newcomers whose shows have made a big splash (remembering Keri Russell winning for Felicity, America Ferrera, etc.)

The year's biggest shock for me was the failure of Mariah Carey to get a nomination. She was never, ever Oscar-nomination-bound, not really, but the Globes seemed a possibility for her. Guess her international profile isn't as big as her profile. (This is a breast joke, not a fat joke, and as such is an expression of my civility toward a figure—in both senses—I dislike but whom did well in a movie that was my first or second fave of 2009.)

The complete list of Golden Globes nominations—my comments, if any, follow each category...

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Jun 22 2009
Miss Sixty Comments (4)


Today is the 60th birthday of arguable our greatest living actress, Meryl Streep. Nathaniel at FilmExperience has a fun list of 60 ways to celebrate (that you should actually DO, you know, like a scavenger hunt) to which I would only add: Steal a crappy movie role in a crappy movie from (more often than not) crappy actress Madonna...just because you can!
Feb 22 2009
Oscar Tourette's: Part 5 Comments (0)

PreviewScreenSnapz025 Queen Latifah looks great; she usually looks...like Queen Latifah. I'm surprised they're doing the memoriam AFTER a commercial instead of as a lead-in. Latifah was forced to since "gay, I'll always think of you that way." I do have to take back my constant comments that she is not a good singer...

Charlton_Heston_dead No applause for Charlton Heston.

I stand corrected...the memoriam was both before AND after a commercial.

Random thought...this is Dustin Lance Black:


Again, the best actresses are much better than those dead former supporting actors. So sweet to see Anne reacting to MacLaine. I'm gonna die if Winslet loses. Kinda weird to have Cotillard—nominated once, won once—speaking to her as a voice of wisdom. Halle looks like she has a headset on, but it's her hair. But she is a classsss act. Doesn't need a TelePrompTer. Loren HAD to do Streep...who else on the stage or in the auditorium could credibly talk to Streep in this way. Streep is so delightfully phony and theatrical. I really hope she loses, though.



Michael Douglas's facelift has settled in very nicely. Nice touch to have him do Langella—he himself did an evil baddie to win his Oscar. DeNiro doing Penn is funny and sweet. I really hope Sean wins, even if Mickey was great and will never, ever be nominated again. Hopkins sucks, very lightweight and slurry, he is thinking, "Brad Pitt? Really? Jeez. What am I gonna say?" Mickey doesn't get crazy applause like I'd expected...


Brilliant shot of Sean winning with his wife tearing up in the background. "I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me, often." Hilarious.

Most predictable Oscars EVER and yet, due to the show, the most fun in decades. Not since Snow White and Rob Lowe...

And finally, my fave movie of the year, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE wins. 

P.S. The L.A. Times list of stars was only wrong on M.I.A., Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and Madonna.

Will Sean Penn be allowed by his wife to attend Madonna's Oscar party? I can't wait for Madonna to be asked about Sean.
Jan 22 2009
If Oscar Loves A Good Nazi Flick, How Much Must It Hate Tom Cruise? Comments (4)

WinsletThe Reader means Stepen Daldry's gotten nom'd for all 3 films he's made.

The full list of Oscar nominations is here, with expert opinion on them here. Talking points to make you look smart here.

My impressions:


I'm shocked that The Reader did so well! It raked in major nominations, including for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, and yet it stands at a mere 60% on RottenTomatoes.com with 150 reviews counted. Could it be the least positively reviewed film to get a Best Picture nod since...Ghost?

Large_brolin-penn I would hazard a guess that its Nazi theme helped it with the Hollywood crowd. Anything about the Nazis—presuming it's good in the first place—gets an extra boost. Remember Adrien Brody's out-of-nowhere win for Best Actor? Not casting aspersions (I've been dying to see the movie), it's just an interesting trend to me. Hollywood also smiles upon movies with liberal social agendas, such as The Cider House Rules or Crash (realllly smiled upon it) or this year's Milk. It's not that they aren't good, it's that they're probably extra-favored for content as well as form.

425.Revolutionary.Road.DiCaprio.Winslet.082208 I'm a bit miffed that Revolutionary Road was overlooked. I loved it! But it's also quite interesting considering the film was directed for Oscar winner Sam Mendes and stars two beloved Hollywood actors. Maybe the Academy felt giving nods to Brangelina was enough red-carpet consideration.

The eight nominations for Milk show a genuine affection and respect for the film, even if I think it will only win for Best Original Screenplay. ("Only" he says—that would be an amazing award.)

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button gets 13 nods, but I would guess it will lose most of those. It's such a BIG movie with so many potential nominees, but none jump out as sure-bet winners.

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Jan 09 2009
Critical Condition Comments (1)

The Critics' Choice Awards might be a near-exact prediction of the upcoming Oscars. I want a Best Actress tie again so we can see Meryl Streep wearing something like this: