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Aug 30 2010
Open Mike Comments (0)

The Six Pack packs in a good Q&A with Mike Rogers of BlogActive.com, who always seems to know exactly who's gay and who isn't gay in the world of politics. He called Larry Craig so far back Craig was probably still calling anal sex "Greek active" and Rogers has never been wrong.

Of the recently out Mehlman, who's been getting support from recently out Roy Ashburn:

"Here’s a man who did exactly what Ken Mehlman did for many many years….Any time anybody comes out and is able to say I’m gay, this is a good thing.  Someone like Ken Mehlman has been so heinous when you look at what he has done…There’s so much that he should be atoning for….and someone like Roy Ashburn of course will come to the defense of a Ken Mehlman because he’s really coming to the defense of himself….I’m glad to see that Ashburn has his changed ways, but Ken Mehlman has some answering to do."

Rogers correctly identifies Charlie Crist as amoral and also touches on Bill Hemmer...

Jun 04 2010
No Polygraph Pollyanna Comments (2)

Andre-bauerI fully believe that South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley did have sex with those men, but if Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer thinks she should have to take a polygraph to prove she didn't, I think her reply should be, "They can polygraph me about the men I may or may not have had sex with if you let them polygraph you about the men you may or may not have had sex with."

Talk about hypocrisy! This dude's gayer than a goose and is a kettle calling a kettle a kettle!

Jun 01 2010
Circle-Kirk Comments (0)
I know YOU wouldn't need anyone to tell you that Mark Kirk—the Republican douche running for the Senate in Illinois—is as gay as a goose, but lots of other people do need to be told. And it's fair game—he just voted against the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (And lied about receiving a non-existent military medal.) 
Aug 31 2009
Putting The "Out" In South Carolina Comments (0)

Huggy Andre Bauer, the lieutenant governor of South Carolina, is a closet case—so says Mike Rogers of blogActive, who's never been wrong any time he's outed someone.

Bauer is a right-wing Christian extremist who has sought to dissolve the separation of church and state via various measures he's supported (state-issued Christian license plates) and has been publicly anti-gay. His endorsement of Mike Huckabee was, in part, due to his desire to see "tradtional marriage protected." Well, to his credit he isn't in the middle of a fake marriage. Wonder if he's banged any married men, though?

If true—and that is a big tiny if considering Rogers's track record—it would also be interesting to find out if this is one of the reasons Governor Mark Sanford (he of the lovey-dovey trips to South America) hates Bauer so much, and if it's one reason he has resisted Bauer's calls to resign.

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