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Dec 29 2012
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Widget boy cultureCaroler Tom Daley's treasure trail goes off the deep end. Hot-Tom-Daley-Marilyn-Monroe-pubes-Jean-Harris-obituary-Log-Cabin-Republican

Widget boy cultureMurderess Jean Harris dies at 89.

Widget boy cultureIdiot who bought firefighter killer's guns nabbed.

Widget boy cultureNicholas Hoult in zombie romcom Warm Bodies.

Widget boy cultureMENTAL BREAK: Puppies in the snow!

*widget boy cultureMarilyn's FBI file stripped of redactions.

Widget boy cultureMatthew McConaughey definitely not firing blanks.

Widget boy cultureThe skinny on Anne Hathaway's Les Miz diet.

Widget boy cultureGAY-BAIT:  Madonna's MDNA #1 in Russia.

Widget boy cultureLog Cabin Republicans vs. RINO Chuck Hagel.

Widget boy cultureNew LCR prez hearts Newt Gingrich.

Widget boy cultureLiberace's ex, Scott Thorson, tells National Enquirer he was snubbed by Michael Douglas.

Scott-ThorsonUnhealthy relationship

Nov 12 2012
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Romney believed he was Mormonism's mane man!

Widget boy cultureDid shellshocked Romney believe he was Mormonism's "white horse?"

Widget boy cultureGingrich was pretty surprised, too, though.

Widget boy cultureObama won because he called Romney a "poopy head?"

Widget boy culture"Boehner has got to understand—they lost."—Sanders Brandon-Lacy-Campos-found-dead

Widget boy cultureThe last "unknown" soldier wasn't.

Widget boy cultureActivist Brandon Lacy Campos (pictured)  found dead.

Widget boy cultureMadonna returns to NYC—possibly set to DJ?

Widget boy cultureMarriage equality makes polling gains everywhere.

Widget boy cultureThe Simpsons tweaks FOX & Karl Rove.

Widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake signed for gambling flick.

Widget boy cultureCincinnati FOX anchor vs. Rachel Maddow.

Widget boy cultureGuess what hottie just posed for NOH8?

Widget boy cultureMamet, LuPone and Winger? Whoa!

Widget boy cultureJudy's dress goes for $480K, Kate's cake is $7.5K/slice!

Judy-Garland-dress"For $480,000 I'll throw in a BJ from Toto!"

Nov 04 2012
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Mitt-Romney-douchebag-lauughingMitt Romney is a joke. Unfortch, he has no sense of humor.

Widget boy cultureWhat Republicans REALLY think of Mitt Romney.

Widget boy cultureFor those in the market for a castle.

Widget boy cultureMadonna introduces "Give It 2 Me"/"Celebration" mash-up.

Widget boy cultureThe Heiress on Broadway is "handsome" and "starchy." Obama-mixed-race-child

Widget boy cultureA mom's powerful letter to a mixed-race president.

Widget boy cultureChris Rock's (hilarious) message to white voters.

Widget boy cultureGOP already blaming Sandy for Romney's loss. Before he loses.

Widget boy cultureKaty Perry is NOT an undecided voter.

Widget boy cultureThe Real Housewives have really...changed...over time.

LuAnn de LessepsThis "nurse" has visited a few doctors since '86

Sep 27 2012
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Barack Obama Mitt Romney Ron Paul Newt Gingrich chia pets
Why anyone would want an Obama or Romney chia pet—let alone one of Newt Gingrich (WHO IS LISTED FIRST!) or Ron Paul—is beyond me, but they do exist. Man, Newt looks like Nedra Volz once his "hair" comes in.
Feb 02 2012
Some Of My Best Friends Are Comments (0)


You know how notorious homophobes always have mysterious "gay friends" who support and understand them, even if they're totally against gay people having a legal right to exist? Well, one tabloid has tracked down Newt Gingrich's alleged gay friends—and she's an idiot.

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Jan 31 2012
None Of The Above Comments (0)


Republican voters don't like their choices. I agree—I don't like their choices either.

Jan 22 2012
RUN! Comments (1)


"Run!" is what any self-respecting lady should do when she sees Newt Gingrich coming. But in this case, I mean: I'm glad Newt Gingrich decided to run for president. He's really fucking up the field and the Republican primary is now going to drag on into the spring (and maybe to a—gulp!—contested convention?). Check out his unfavorability over time, above, from DailyKos. Gee, South Carolinians on the right seem to love 'em some hypocrites, but the rest of the country? Not so much.

Jan 20 2012
A Mistress Is A Cruel Mistress Comments (0)

Marianne-gingrich-esquire-2-081010-lg"You're a Jaguar." "You're a jag-off."

She might've helped him win South Carolina (we'll find out soon), but she has every right to her opinion. Interestingly lost in the swirl of reactions to Marianne Gingrich's "bombshell" interview is the fact that she asserted her husband was ethical when it came to those much-probed financial improprieties when he was Speaker of the House. So it's not like she vindictively just went off on his ass.


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