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Jan 19 2017

Griffin Done

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Yes, that is gay-porn star — and total beauty — Griffin Barrows popping up in a new shot I did for my new Instagram. Click on over 'n' follow 'n' like.

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Sarandon & Lange As Davis & Crawford

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.08.01 PM(Image by Roberta Trachtenberg for Entertainment Weekly)

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Best & Whitest: Trump's Cabinet Is Whitest In Decades, He Says They Have The HIGHEST IQs

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ABOVE: Donald Trump just said his Cabinet will have the highest IQ of any ever.

In related news: He believes his German/white heritage is superior and compares his family stock to that of racehorses, and he just became the first incoming POTUS to exclude Latinos from his Cabinet in decades. His spokesman says it's about “the best and brightest,” which apparently means old white people, black idiot Ben Carson and Mitch McConnell's Asian wife.

Such an odd coincidence that he's been endorsed by the KKK.

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How Gay Are You?

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.17.53 AM(Video still via Stray)

Stray, a new bromantic comedy, promises to tease out the gay panic so many straight men exhibit. It's also hopefully going to be funny.

Check out the teaser, which displays good comic timing and raises a good point. Though I always thought it funny how the gay men who try to persuade straight men that “a mouth is a mouth” would be like “ewww!” if confronted with a woman's mouth ...

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170110140829-when-we-rise-exlarge-169(Image via ABC)

Dustin Lance Black speaks to The Village Voice on his upcoming When We Rise epic miniseries, which chronicles the entire gay rights movement.

Choice quotes:

He claims not to have been totally shocked Trump won:
Most of the family I love are still very religious and live in parts of the country where equality isn't welcomed — and wasn't welcomed historically.
He is aiming the series at general viewers:
When I was growing up, ABC was the station we trusted. I thought, wow, this might be an opportunity to talk about LGBT stories in a way that reaches the people I grew up with. And wouldn't be just preaching to the choir. When I was writing it, I was thinking about a handful of aunts and uncles and cousins, and what it is they don't know yet, and the stories they haven't heard yet.

He sought diversity in the creation of the project:

It's called When We Rise for a reason. If you look at my writers room, it was gay and straight and black and white and men and women. And we hashed out those struggles in the room.

More here. When We Rise airs over four nights starting February 27 on ABC.

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The Gay '90s

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Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.03.48 PM(Images by Richard Renaldi)

Yet another gay photo project, this one museum-worthy.

Acclaimed photographer Richard Renaldi has released a photo book entitled Manhattan Sunday that chronicles life in the early '90s after the gay clubs closed. The images look phenomenal — so much so that there will be an Eastman Museum exhibit in NYC starting January 21:

A compelling story Renaldi told The Guardian:

In the summer of 1992, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, Richard Renaldi and his boyfriend Eric left The Sound Factory, the celebrated nightclub on Manhattan’s 27th Street, to walk home through Chelsea, on the west side of Manhattan. As they walked through the city, the pair was approached by an older man named Larry.

Larry, they discovered, would leave his Staten Island home in the early hours of Sunday morning and travel to Chelsea. There, he would silently watch gay men as they left New York’s world-famous nightclubs. 

Larry had never come to terms with his sexuality. He came of age in the 1960s, when sodomy was still a felony in every US state, and was still scared of identifying as a homosexual. So he would watch, from a safe distance, the men as they left the clubs – high, familiar with each other, still sweating from the dance floor. 

“He stood outside the doors of the nightclubs on Sunday mornings, looking in,” Renaldi remembers today.

Larry was observing a generation of gay men that, in comparison to his own experience, was out, proud and liberated.

Check out his book here.

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IMG_7276(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Ginger hotness.

More hot men here — likes, follows very much appreciated.

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Jan 18 2017

Teri Hatcher & Co. Cover The Weather Girls — No, Really!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.42.06 PMThis production number is two tons of dumb! (Video still via ABC)

Yes, I remember the Titanic and the Andrea Doria, but I think this white-ized, staccato rendition of “It's Raining Men” (featuring Teri Hatcher!) from an '80s Love Boat is the worst thing to ever happen at sea ...

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