Feb 27 2015

Lived Long, Prospered: Leonard Nimoy Dies @ 83

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Leonard Nimoy, an absolute TV icon thanks to his “Spock” on Star Trek (1966—1969) and his hosting duties on In Search of...(1977—1982), has died at 83 as the result of COPD. Nimoy's final tweet was poignant:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.18.09 PM


The Look Of Mormon

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Confessions of a Mormon Boy is back March 1—April 26 in LA at The Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. Supposed to be good. Looks good.


On The List

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There's more to this surprising Walmart pic.


For Your Thighs Only: Steve Grand

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Steve Grand treating his fans to some serious leg!


Digital Display

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Google is backing down (some) on its Blogger crackdown. Instead of enforcing a salacious images ban on all content beginning March 23, they're just going to enforce their existing porn ban more aggressively. Some bloggers are relieved.


Schock Report

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Aaron Schock looks like he had fun filming Stryker Force: The Return.


The Shirt On His Back

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Great feature on Christopher Lee Sauvé; gay artist with a great, great line of street wear.


Ad Men

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A 1980s ad from a Japanese mag. Perfection.