Aug 28 2014

#TBT: Gay TV Ads

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Check out these vintage 1995 gay TV ads, including one for the late, great Splash (with jarring sequence showing a closeted married man kissing his smoking wife and infant baby good-bye before heading out to the bar!), Genre Magazine (“no wishy-washy writing here!” was the 1995 version of masc only), Pacific Pride Gay & Lesbian Business Expo, Party of Life V, To Wong Foo, HX Magazine, L'Allegria Restaurant at 44th and 9th, Penguin Hotel of South Miami Beach and the much-missed Florent...

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Ends Of The World

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Kicked Out: Gay Man Disowned, Beaten By Family

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Here is some real Christian love for you—a young gay man's family viciously, coldly disowns and then physically assaults him.

Too many Christians have zero idea what the word of God really is on the subject of homosexuality or anything else.

UPDATE: Help a brother out here!


But...YOUR Picture Doesn't Show Your Face

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Brad & Angelina Tie The Knot

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Congrats to Brangelina on their surprise nuptials. This proves that stars who kvetch about a lack of privacy just aren't trying hard one had a clue this wedding was happening—not even Jolie's father!


The Fashionably Late Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers has survived a near-death experience after she stopped breathing during out-patient endoscopic throat surgery. She was rushed to a hospital where she was revived and upgraded to stable condition.

10654109_10202833944871842_892135281_nVia Chexy Decimal


Right On The Money

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Ben Rimalower's Patti Issues was a delight, but his new one, Bad With Money (The Duplex, 61 Christopher St., NYC, September 4—November 6) sounds like it might hit too close to home for me!

From a press release:

Bad With Money delves into even deeper personal territory with the story of his struggle with debt—a journey that takes him through drug addiction, prostitution, fraud and multiple betrayals.

“In this gripping play-by-play of some of his biggest mistakes and their consequences, Rimalower offers a no-holds-barred self-portrait as an addict, and casts light on one of the last societal taboos.

Rimalower says:

“People tend to be familiar now with alcohol and drug addiction—and I've got those, too. But spending money I don't have is really my drug of choice. And considering how many people suffer from the same problem, it's staggering how seldom it's discussed.”

I'll have to see this, even if it makes me squirm. I am an inveterate spendthrift, the olden-days term for someone who is not only bad with money, they're the worst. I can list dozens of things I did to lose what was a substantial wad of cash I once had, and the timing couldn't be better—as we prepare to sell our place and part ways, I'm looking for a job and sifting through some pretty poor (and at least a few smart!) investments I made along the way.

I'll see you at the show. Drinks can be on you, dear readers.


Dolly Parton's Wet T-Shirt Contest

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Dolly Parton's ALS ice-bucket challenge is pretty great as is, though seeing it in closeup and in HD would be even more fun. Check her out after the jump...

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