May 21 2015


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Via my Instagram.


Ends Of The World

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Via my Instagram.


You're Welcome

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Via MURI(88)O.


Straight Up Their Ass

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Cute straight dudes express puzzlement at gay-targeted sex toys.

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Gifs That Keep On Giving

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Drag Yourself To Boston

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Here's your chance to meet Pearl ... if you can get to Boston.


Game Showed

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With thanks to Tony Guadagnino for his hard work on the photos: Every few days, I'll post an old 1980 and earlier Match Game puzzle. Try to guess the three answers, but keep the time frame and the frame of mind of the people they likely polled when guessing.

Here are today's answers!


Starry-Eyed: Chris Cuomo

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Ran into Chris Cuomo in the Park. Didn't realize it was him until I'd snapped, actually. My new job has put me in a new area (Spanish Harlem), and walking home (from 106th St. on the East Side to 42nd St. on the West!) has put me on collision courses with him, Leelee Sobieski (stunning) and others.