Oct 31 2014

Turning The Other Cheek

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Via Naked Neighbor.


11 O'Clock Number: The Beach Boys - MONSTER MASH

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Apparently, this is the one and only time The Beach Boys (playfully, respectfully) covered “Monster Mash”, on December 21, 1963...

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Who Says Gays & Lesbians Can't Get Along?

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Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan may be dating!


Need To Know: Deckerheads + Junk'd + I LOVE LOONY + Madonna's Single Soon Ready To Mingle? + Elsa Rules + MORE!

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Shirtless-Eric-DeckerOn Decker

*widget boy culturePictures of Eric Decker will make you hard if you have a penis.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner's penis gets bullied on golf course, he responds with self-deprecation.

*widget boy cultureForget Jesus, Kim Kardashian thinks she's more popular than Lucy.

*widget boy cultureHow to handle yourself at a urinal.

*widget boy cultureamfAR gala brings out Diana Ross, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & more.

*widget boy cultureDiplo claims Madonna's next album's  first single is chosen, is his.

*widget boy cultureThe ultimate Halloween costume.

*widget boy cultureHalloween music mix!

*widget boy cultureTeacher admits “killing all black people” is on her bucket list.

*widget boy cultureSen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) plays to white men in off-color remark.

*widget boy cultureMILLENNIAL HORROR STORY: Like, OMG, this is so...like...scary.

*widget boy cultureJessica Lange killing it as a former dominatrix on AHS.

Tumblr_ne8qi5AXJy1qcbk34o1_250Her name is Elsa... 



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10 31 sexy-black-guy-armsMore hot guys...follow me on Instagram!



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Midnight Snack

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Oct 30 2014

11 O'Clock Number: Bronski Beat - SMALLTOWN BOY

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Another great male voice of the '80s—Jimmy Somerville. Here, a rare clip of the band performing their signature hit live in Germany as a bunch of Germans stare them down hard...

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