Aug 25 2014

Eye Candy

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  Walter-Delmar-6 Walter-Demar-2 Walter-Delmar-4 Walter-Delmar-3 Walter-Delmar-1 Walter-Delmar-5

In the gallery above, Walter Delmar strips down for Austin Wondo. And strips all the way here. (Work Unfriendly)


Night Of The 100 Living Stars I

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As a kid, I was absolutely transfixed by Night of 100 Stars (aired March 8, 1982, would love to know when it was taped?), a lavish, tacky, nostalgic, heart-warming, spirited tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Actors' Fund. For me, it was also a way to learn more about the stars of yesteryear, a subject always close to my heart.

What's odd is that these days, kids have more access to old movies and old movie stars' stories via the Internet, but I don't think they make the same effort like the previous generation did—we had to track down books, wait for old movies to pop up on limited channels on TV and rely on information from friends.

And, of course, watch stuff like Night of 100 Stars! (Where else do you get to see Ken Howard, Milton Berle, Lynn Swan, Theodore Bikel and Burt Lancaster, in that order, in a chorus line?)

Hollywood: Please air this event again! (There was a II in 1985 and a III in 1990.)

Because I am sick and need help immediately when it comes to long posts, especially long posts about Old Hollywood, I wondered how many of the 100 stars from 1982—32 years later—are still with us. Interestingly enough, the actual number of stars who showed up was 197...and exactly 100 remain alive today!

100 - stars - Playbill

After the jump, the results of my research...

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Night Of The 100 Living Stars II

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In my memory, Night of 100 Stars I (1985) was amazing, Night of 100 Stars II (filmed Sunday, February 17, 1985, aired March 10, 1985) was even more entertaining than the first one, and Night of 100 Stars III (1990) was a dud...but who knows?

Time for a screening!

Let's find out who from Night of 100 Stars II (1985) is still among us...

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Night Of The 100 Living Stars III

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And finally, the third of the telecast Night of 100 Stars shows, broken down by who's alive today, and who has left us. End morbid flight of fancy.

Full cast after the jump...

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Need To Know: Crack Shot + VMA Bloods Bath + Osborne-Again + Gay For Islam + The White Stuff + Another Gay (Porn) Movie + MORE!

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Tumblr_n0q04uryx01s8j10fo1_400Get bent!

*widget boy cultureDo wrestlers make you horny?

*widget boy cultureChris Brown throws Bloods gang signs, Suge Knight gets shot.

*widget boy cultureCatching up with Michael Sam.

*widget boy cultureDan Osborne, shirtless god, does naked ice-bucket challenge.

*widget boy cultureNeil Patrick Harris also takes the challenge.

*widget boy culture...but Ramin Karimloo does the challenge best of all:


*widget boy cultureDO THE HUSTLE!: Lea Michele shows off her hustler beau. SeattleSuspect2

*widget boy cultureGay serial killer did it in the name of Islam?

*widget boy cultureMiss Spain comes out—1st gay national beauty queen.

*widget boy cultureGAY-BEIJING: Harsh comments from citizens on LGBTs.

*widget boy cultureTeen makes important AIDS discovery.

*widget boy culturePandora Boxx's yummy Mammo-Grahams.


*widget boy cultureABOVE: This helps to explain racial tension in the U.S. to some extent.

*widget boy cultureMichael Brown grand jury is mostly male, mostly white. Austin-Mahone

*widget boy cultureShould we stop freaking out about ISIS/ISIL?

*widget boy cultureWhat it's like on tour with Austin Mahone.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea pulls an Ann-Margret.

*widget boy culturePaul Ryan can't handle DREAMers at book signing.

*widget boy cultureThe worst thing David Sedaris has ever published?

*widget boy cultureFor some reason, I'm a Porn Star's trailer is blowing up...after the jump...

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Hot-nipple-free-the-nippleMore hot guys if you follow me on Instagram.


Midnight Snack

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Aug 24 2014

Beyoncé Performs Infomercial To Cap Off MTV VMAs

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BeyonceThat was so boring, I'd divorce her, too!

I'm pretty iffy on Queen B, but watching her self-indulgent performance on MTV tonight, capped off by her husband and toddler daughter proclaiming her the greatest thing since sliced bread so that she could say how blessed she feels, I might be slipping further into the anti-fan territory.

Only an artist as massive as Beyoncé could demand to sing snippets from her entire album on the VMAs...but that doesn't mean she should take advantage of the power.

It was cute when Blue Ivy yelled out “Mommy!” but I'm pretty sure the woman who gave birth to her was barred from entering.

Anyway, it was an interesting show. I liked Ariana Grande and, surprisingly, Taylor Swift. I got tired of Nicki Minaj faster than you could lip-synch...well...anything. The Robin Williams tribute was embarrassing. Miley's Sacheen Littlefeather moment was a bit precious.

Eh. Get off of my lawn.

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