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Dec 10 2014
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Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais trade mouths, which leads to a confession about testicular depilation and, of course, some vogueing...

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Jan 15 2012
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825E05F74882257B48E9C5FFI'm better than you

The Golden Globes were, as usual, far more entertaining than the Oscars. I also had no idea they are a humanitarian org. I thought they were just starfuckers (with accents) like me!


It's hard to take the likes of Kelly Osbourne seriously in the realm of fashion of beauty, but Madonna looked amazing—loved the dress and the looser hair. Her shots with Ryan Seacrest were a bit puffier than lately but nonetheless, she remains relaxed and seems genuinely thrilled to be promoting her movie.

Article-2087192-0F79E98E00000578-322_634x924Green is the color of Elton's envy

Why did fucking Nicole Richie name-check her hairstylist? Can't we leave anything to the imagination?


When the show began, I had to gasp at seeing Madonna and Meryl Streep at the same table. It makes perfect (Weinstein) sense, yet seeing the two living legends (and former feuders) seated together was a big thrill.

Ricky Gervais—who I love—was very funny in his intro. Even funnier was watching the petrified audience cautiously waiting for the blade to drop. The joke about Jodie Foster's Beaver, which he'd never seen and which "a lot of others had never seen," was daring; they cut away rather than linger on Jodie's reaction. She was a great sport.

Poor Gerald Butler...shaking with nerves and as off with his timing as he was on with his beauty. Kudos for rewarding Christopher Plummer for supporting actor! Beginners is a terrific movie and he deserves it for his performance as well as for his career. 

388459_10150466393626012_48566051011_9060091_1969096110_nFucking exquisite always...it's not even fair to other humans 

Laura Dern is not funnier or better than Amy Poehler, let alone the others in the category of actress in a comedy. They, like the Emmys, always go with people known for their movies in TV categories. Cool seeing Laura brought her mommy Dianne Ladd, who looks the same after all these years.

Rob Lowe's hair is like Priscilla Presley's face: It was perfect for an unnaturally long time, then it just WENT. He and the always gorgeous Julianne Moore handed the trophy to Downton Abbey, which I promise to watch. Poor Elizabeth McGovern taking a spill.

Pia-zadora-globe-394a111708Whoops! Wrong year!

Kate Winslet certainly deserved to win for Mildred Pierce, which I feel was not appreciated as much as it should have been. It's hard remaking perfection, but I think they succeeded by  rethinking it from the ground up. She looked spectacular.

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Jan 26 2011
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Saunders_1792714c God, I hope Jennifer Saunders does her own Facebook page, because she replied to my post on it. I came up with the brillllliant idea that she would be the ideal candidate to take over for Steve Carell on The Office. It should be a woman, and I think she'd be perfect to create a true fish-out-of-water character who'd be baffling to the staff and who'd be interesting to love/cringe at in her own right.

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Mar 01 2010
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It seems my impression of how great Madonna was on The Marriage Ref is backed up by NBC, which uses tons of footage of her to help plug the March 4 series premiere (her episode will air sometime later).

If you're gonna do reality TV (The Marriage Ref strains that definition...it's really more of a talk show/advice show hybrid), you might as well go all in—Madonna not only gave this her all, she opened her fan club for audience recruiting and is now highlighting this promo at Madonna.com. Madonna's like Judge Reinhold from his Seinfeld appearance as close-talking Aaron—she's obsessed with being nice to the the Seinfelds!

Will her largesse (Madonna's goodwill is similar to cash) be enough to help the show succeed? We'll see.

Full trailer after the jump...

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Feb 25 2010
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Waiting outside. No pix allowed inside. 


Just got back from the taping of Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref featuring Madonna that was so widely publicized among fan forums and even at Madonna.com. I'm not sure how on board I can be with a show so about an institution that bans me from it in most of this country (there is no indication gay marrieds will be used in any episodes), but it was an experience!


Courtesy of JD Urban. Many more here.

While I'm not able to give details, I did interview an anonymous fan who went, too. She had no such reservations:

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Jan 05 2009
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First, Amanda Peet (above) in the new People speaks out very plainly and reasonably on the autism debate. To insist that autism is linked to vaccinations is to insist creationism makes more sense than evolution. The facts are not there; you need more than a feeling. Moreover, the link has been discredited in multiple studies. Is the entire scientific establishment lying? I don't believe so. I will go with Amanda Peet over Jenny McCarthy any day.

Girth and mirth.

Also, Ricky Gervais is in hot water for maligning fatties. I do think there is no respectable reason for making someone who's overweight feel bad, to tease them, Ricky-gervais-1 to ostracize them on a personal level—obviously, I was seriously overweight for most of the years of my life and I'm still not a lean, mean machine. But I never, ever thought, "Fat is beautiful! I'm great the way I am!" I always knew very well that being obese was unhealthy, uncomfortable and unnatural. And it is. For this reason, I support his statements—if someone fat is whining about being fat, it's like a healthy dog limping for attention.

Ricky_gervais I think some of us have a much harder time with food, chemically, and I think moods can cause a seeming inability to make a change—with that, I'm empathetic. But only to a point. At that point, we all have an obligation to do what's right for ourselves, or to be fine with the consequences. (I do disagree with him in that I'm fine with gastric-bypass surgery if someone gets to 300+ pounds—it seems dangerous, but I can't blame people for taking short-cuts if the short-cut gets you to where you need to be more quickly!)

Plus, his jokes about how being fat is not the same as being gay when it comes to one being more acceptable than another are hilarious. But I have to wonder if there really is such a thing as being overgay, and that some of us really should try cock in moderation!

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