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Jan 11 2010
Wake Up And Smell The Black Coffee Comments (5)


On the whole Harry Reid "racist" rap: Admittedly archaic, sixty-year-old-Mormon-white-guy use of "Negro" aside,  it's not racist to talk about racism. But it's racist to feign offense, as the Republicans are attempting to do, in order to race-bait. You've got the Republicans saying he's racist for not being color-blind. The concept of being color-blind in a world where color still matters is itself racist. It would be great to live in a world where race was about as important as eye color, but we don't.

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Jan 06 2009
Holy Crap Comments (2)

More crap from Roland Burris—who's already shamelessly played the race card (a wonderful way to make equality a priority in the hearts and minds of the nation, and a ploy he has embraced throughout his career according to Time)—on why he feels he is now, no matter what, the junior senator from Illinois:

Roland_burris_1230 "Friends, we're going to have to have some powerful prayer...They can't deny what the Lord has ordained."

Jesus Fucking Christ! I thought the schism in the Republican ranks between the neocons and the Christocons was huge, just wait until the Christocons realize they can use religion as a wedge issue to steal away a large chunk of the Democratic base, even if their own side is infamous for "Barack the Magic Negro."

There is no place for religious babble in American politics. I think we need to move on from a mere separation of church and state and formally file for divorce.

And good luck to Harry Reid in his effort to not seat Burris when he physically shows up. What a great image for the new Democrats. Reid is such a tool.
Dec 31 2008
Monument To Moi Comments (1)


I don't know who's got bigger balls, Blago for naming Roland Burris (or anyone) to Obama's vacant Senate seat in spite of being told any pick of his would never be seated, or Burris for accepting. Or maybe Rep. Bobby Rush, who joined them at their La-La-Land presser and basically accused any Senator who would come out against Blago's pick of being a racist. (Reverse racism is probably part of the governor's plan—it wins him a few allies in the black community, who are a big part of the court of popular opinion in Democratworld, and some of whom might be on his future jury!)

Everyone keeps tripping over themselves saying what a great guy Burris is, but a great guy does not accept Blago's appointment when he's under investigation for attempting to sell the seat (he turns it down, like Rep. Danny Davis), especially when said great guy has raised money for Blago in the past... 

...and then there is that pesky monument to himself that the blood-thirsty Burris has going in a Chi-Town cemetery.

Burris (R) with (closeted) Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, who died the moment I moved to the city.

I hope it's emblematic of his appointment—DOA. 

(But then, even if it's dead, it could rise again a few days later. Don't believe in that nonsense? Neither do I...but unfortch, Pres.-Elect Obama sure does. I want him to get into office and do something pro-gay and/or progressive already so I can stop being pre-annoyed with him and enjoy the fact that we got a liberal into the White House for the first time in...ever?)

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