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Nov 07 2009
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The Twilight Saga's star Taylor Lautner—who is the male lead of New Moon over Robert Pattinson—recently stated he was through with being shirtless, though he did use the caveat "if I have a choice." Hopefully, future jobs will hinge on nudity or close to it—if he looked this good (see above) at age 16, he's only gonna get better.

Choice quote from the above vintage shoot: "[Taylor] is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best shot possible."

Apr 29 2009
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Apr 09 2009
They Are Family Comments (1)


People (April 20, 2009) profiles Shirley Tan's family. Tan is an immigrant who is considered illegal, but is a registered domestic partner of U.S. citizen Jay Mercado. She's been in the country 23 years after meeting her future wife as a tourist. She applied for asylum (fearing violence from a cousin who shot her in the head back in the Philippines and killed her mom and sister) in 1995 but was denied, but apparently believed her case was still open. It wasn't, and the U.S. government apprehended her and nearly deported her.

Currently, Tan has several more days to make her case before she's returned to a country she hasn't seen in decades. Kudos to People for highlighting this example of why same-sex marriage is a vital human right.

It's a very good week for gay-family representations in the weekly tabloids! Life & Style (April 20, 2009)—under "Family News"—profiles Iron Chef Cat Cora and her partner. Both women are pregnant after each was implanted "with each other's embryos as well as their own so they don't know who the biological mothers are." (A horror movie in the making to Rupert Everett!)


Life & Style even goes so far as to ask: Are two moms better than one?

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