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Oct 14 2013
Need To Know: Louganis Takes The Plunge, Russian Bigotry On Parade, Kelly Girl, Unintelligent Design + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBAND OF GOLD MEDAL: Greg Louganis is officially off the market. GBF_pic_03_3

*widget boy cultureGay-rights rally in St. Petersburg ends in violence.

*widget boy culture"And what do you look like? Like a woman." (Video.)

*widget boy cultureI'm not the only one who remembers Patsy Kelly.

*widget boy cultureG.B.F. is hilarious.

*widget boy cultureDavid Bromstad is idiotic.

*widget boy cultureNJ Senate candidate fires aide who said Booker is gay.

*widget boy cultureD.O.A.: Machete Kills murdered at the box office.

*widget boy cultureChanning Tatum is sought for a gay romantic comedy.

Channing-Tatum-11The object of our affection.

Oct 11 2013
Need To Know: Head Games, The Tea Party's Over, This Old Thing? + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMarilyn Monroe's skull X-ray is up for grabs if you've got $30Kish.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie loses in court on gay-marriage stay.

*widget boy cultureHis son committed suicide, he was run over on a walk to memorialize him.

*widget boy cultureRecord low approvals for GOP and Tea Party.

*widget boy cultureFreddie Prinze Jr. a few years later.

*widget boy cultureRamona Singer's hubby Mario doesn't fire blanks.

*widget boy cultureAging a lifetime in a few moments.

Aginggif1Time goes by so quickly.

*widget boy cultureSnooki, JWOWW & RuPaul's finest at Night of the Living Drag in NYC. Drag

*widget boy cultureTom Daley and Dustin Lance Black share a cuppa Joe. (Not Jonas.)

*widget boy cultureIn the mood to pop some Frute Brute in your mouth?

*widget boy cultureDid Madonna call a moviehouse scold an "enslaver?"

*widget boy cultureRussian athletes support NOH8.

*widget boy cultureJoe Scarborough gets a (secret) divorce.

*widget boy cultureLiza Minnelli to award recipient Ann-Margret: "Can you believe we're both still alive???"

Pic #1 photo credit Richard TermineYou make me feel alive, alive, alive! Courtesy of Richard Termine.

Oct 04 2013
Need To Know: Miley Isn't A Prostitute Because She Does It For Free, Teabagger vs. Irony, Ole Missing The Point + MORE Comments (0)

Miley-Cyrus-Terry-Richardson"I'll lick my Hannah Montana image yet!"

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus goes full-on skank for Terry Richardson. Real-housewives-new-jersey-bravo-teresa-giudice-prostitution-whore

*widget boy cultureSinead takes off the gloves, Miley wants to meet.*

*widget boy cultureRep. Randy Neugebauer (TP-Texas) demands ranger apologize for his shutdown. Dumb as a post.

*widget boy cultureLesbian teen accepts plea deal in controversial case involving sex with minor.

*widget boy cultureDramatic car chase after Capitol shooting. 

*widget boy cultureLesbian film Concussion available from Wolfe.

Dolores-ClaiborneThe role she was Claiborne to play.

*widget boy cultureDolores Claiborne, the opera.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Twitter is updated.

*widget boy cultureThe Catholic Church in Poland thinks sex abuse should be free. XYoung-guy-with-ripped-abs.jpg.pagespeed.ic.I7QBKDugH7

*widget boy culture22 coolest tweets ever.

*widget boy cultureOle Miss football players heckle The Laramie Project.

*widget boy cultureGuys In Underwear totty: Young guy with ripped abs.

*widget boy cultureFirst Latrice Royale tattoo. We've all been there.

*widget boy cultureThe American Hustle posters are arrrrrt.

Hustleposter1I want him even in this outfit. Now.

*Okay, but what's Sinead got against prostitution?

Oct 03 2013
Need To Know: Worst Mother Ever, Worst Nobel Nominee Since Hitler, I Want Henry Cavill In The Worst Way, Worst Daughter Ever, Worst Movie-Editing Decision + MORE Comments (0)

EUTHANASIA_2689242bIn transition.

*widget boy cultureBelgian trans man chooses euthanasia after botched gender surgery; Mom shrugs.

*widget boy cultureVladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. (Not j/k.)

*widget boy cultureCher can't get played on the radio...doesn't need to.

Even if you're a Britney stan, this is hilariously written.

*widget boy cultureEating out with Henry Cavill.

*widget boy cultureJacobs pens letter to showgirls, gramps pens note to homophobic daughter.


*widget boy cultureVotes are there to pass a clean budget bill, but Boehner cries foul.

*widget boy culturePop-Up Museum of Queer History in Brooklyn.

*widget boy cultureRihanna humps the air in a throne.

*widget boy cultureHere's the video of the 54 kiss between Phillippe and Meyer.

*widget boy cultureBethenny Frankel and Hoda Kotb get inspired by Macklemore.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Super Bowl garb is a 2013 Halloween costume.

Madonna-SuperbowlWho's this hot trick-or-treat?

Oct 02 2013
Need To Know: The Bone Us Brothers, Obama Shuts Down The Republicans, Crist-Like, Me & My Sal + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureJoe Jonas on gay rumors: "We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans."

*widget boy cultureObama on Republican shutdown: "Ideological crusade."

*widget boy cultureSpanish heartthrob releases nude photo on millionth Twitter follower.

*widget boy cultureRick Perry claims his wife misspoke on abortion.

*widget boy cultureHank Chen verbal vogues with Louis Virtel:

*widget boy cultureCloset queen Charlie Crist leads Rick Scott in FL guv poll.

*widget boy cultureWhat wouldn't Tamar Braxton ever do?

*widget boy cultureBeautiful boys romp around the New York set at Paramount.

*widget boy cultureStraight guy reacts to being defriended on Facebook over gay bro's wedding.

*widget boy cultureZac Hanson ('memba him?) takes a loogie to the face.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco's Sal Mineo biopic hits VOD and iTunes October 22.

Val-Lauren-Sal-MineoYou can call me Sal.

Oct 01 2013
Need To Know: Parting Thoughts, The Only Aspect Of Christie That's Appealing, You Are 6 Feet Away From HIV + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureIf the part in your hair is this important to you, you deserve this comb.

*widget boy cultureGov. Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) files appeal to same-sex marriage ruling. Todd+finlay+covermale+3-thumb-500x332-14853

*widget boy cultureStocks drop on shutdown fears.

*widget boy cultureModel Todd Finlay is hot stuff. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culture10% of Grindr gays have never been HIV-tested.

*widget boy cultureThe Hollywood player too germophobic to screw nekkid.

*widget boy cultureFormer Aussie PM was anti-equality because she's just not that into marriage herself.

*widget boy cultureDisney preps a live-action film starring Cruella de Vil. Who should star?

Madonna-Cruella-de-VilI'm just saying!

Sep 02 2013
Need To Know: Assad Situation, What Are The Feds Smoking?, Box Office Blow-Out, Divine Duds + MORE Comments (0)

Victor-GasparWouldn't you love to go spoil this Victor?

*widget boy cultureI <3 Victor Gaspar!

*widget boy cultureRand Paul <3 Assad!

*widget boy cultureSYRIASLY?: Sarah Palin's solution on Syria is, "Let Allah sort it out."

*widget boy cultureDemocrats reigning in Obama on Syria attack resolution.

*widget boy cultureWeed one step closer to being legal.

*widget boy cultureSpanish-language Instructions Not Included slays at box office. Orlando-cruz-announces-hes-gay

*widget boy cultureOut boxer Orlando Cruz goes nude online.

*widget boy cultureDruggy Electric Zoo Festival in canceled after deaths.

*widget boy cultureBig Brother drama as in-denial racist toad is evicted.

*widget boy cultureFuneral services set for DADT activist Darren Manzella.

*widget boy cultureDarling, your sweater is simply Divine.

DivineFashion for the filthiest people alive.

Aug 21 2013
Need To Know: They're Playing Their Songs, Cruz Control, Alohappily Married, White House Going To Pot + MORE Comments (0)

Katy-perry-s-roar-arrives-earlyAnd the crowd snores?

*widget boy cultureALL THE LADIES' SINGLES: Dissecting Katy Perry & Lady Gaga.

*widget boy cultureU.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), born in Canada, tries to renounce it to run for prez. Garrett-Neff

*widget boy cultureFor those of you counting on Britney Spears.

*widget boy cultureChristie endorses far-right Republican for Senate.

*widget boy cultureLily Tomlin & Jane Wagner may get married.

*widget boy culturePuppy love for Ian Somerhalder.

*widget boy cultureHas Dick Van Dyke ever been roasted? ALMOST.

*widget boy cultureIs President Obama "evolving" on medical marijuana?

*widget boy cultureLGBT dating app advertises itself with a cat lady.

*widget boy cultureGarrett Neff is pretty.

*widget boy cultureMiss Universe: Russia's anti-gay laws aren't a dealbreaker.

*widget boy cultureHawai'i was almost 1st for marriage equality, but will it be next?

*widget boy cultureAlexander Skarsgard's dick (Work Unfriendly) is FIRE.

Alexander-SkarsgardAll fired up.

Aug 09 2013
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Jul 17 2013
Need To Know: Gender Snaps, Gay-Union Jacks, Miami Isn't Nice, Oprah Throws $$$ At Lindsay + MORE Comments (2)

Transgender-Men2-thumb-500x600-13537I can move, move, move any mountain.

*widget boy cultureLorenzo Triburgo's "Transportraits" series is a can't-miss. Rolling-Stone-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality a done deal for England.

*widget boy cultureCory Monteith ODed on heroin and alcohol.

*widget boy cultureTsarnaev Rolling Stone cover sparks concern. (Not from me.)

*widget boy cultureGIMME SHELTER: Miami considers jailing the homeless.

*widget boy cultureIs there a vaccine for Jenny McCarthy yet, or is she drug-resistant?

*widget boy cultureYes, Oprah, because giving Lindsay Lohan $2 million will really help.

*widget boy culturePROOF: Rich people are assholes.

*widget boy cultureZendaya's lyric video for her dreamy single "Replay."

*widget boy cultureLiz Cheney running for Senate in Wyoming. Senate should run faster.

*widget boy cultureTwo males "mating" doesn't advance the species. Nor does two idiots mating.

MapplethorpeGazing upon this Mapplethorpe masterpiece of two men "mating"...what's the point? (Oh, wait...)