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Jan 04 2016
Courting Homosexuality Comments (0)

TMZ reports that Golden State Warriors player Andre Iguodala is against his daughter playing basketball because he fears she'll become a lesbian. At least, that's what her mom is saying as part of their bitter custody dispute.

Maybe she could try golf instead?

Oct 09 2014
Need To Know: Tricked Out + The Shirt Off His Quarterback + Such A Tees + Divorce Sucks + MORE! Comments (0)

Daniel-FranzeseNot-so-neat trick

*widget boy cultureMean Girls bear Daniel Franzese spoofs Sam Smith.

*widget boy cultureShirtless QB? A-OK by me!

*widget boy cultureLucian remix of Alanis Morissette's “Forgive Me Love”.

*widget boy cultureDebbie Harry's T-shirts, in her own words.

*widget boy cultureGayle King's “word soup”: “I'm gay.”

*widget boy cultureWife says Stephen Collins would've blown a male son.

*widget boy cultureTyra Banks rages against homophobic model.

*widget boy cultureGay rabbi protocol.

*widget boy cultureDemocrat Clay Aiken claims “Republaiken” support.

*widget boy cultureHappy pre-Halloween from horror short The Door:

May 07 2014
Heard It Through The Vine Comments (0)


Vine star Brittany Furlan—she has over six million followers—explains the secret to her success...

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Nov 30 2013
Paul Walker Dies In Fiery Car Crash Comments (0)


Handsome actor Paul Walker, 40, the star of the The Fast and the Furious movie franchise, died after leaving a charity event today in a fiery, single-car crash. TMZ reports that Paul was a passenger in a friend's or his own vehicle. The driver apparently lost control before slamming into a pole or tree, and the car burst into flames.

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Jun 21 2013
Ain't Too Proud To Beg Comments (14)


Paula Deen tried with a blubbery apology for her racist comments today, but people laughed so she removed it from YouTube. Why did she decide to do it in pinkface???

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May 02 2013
Need To Know: Grand Theft Auto—Cher Version, Hot Jocks, Doubling Up + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureCher stole a car. Above, check out her mug shot!

*widget boy cultureJason Collins gets Twitter death threats from losers.

*widget boy cultureHottest men of the NHL.

*widget boy cultureWhat makes Ryan Lochte smile?

*widget boy culturePros planning for more out gay athletes.

*widget boy cultureNational Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame launched.

*widget boy cultureSame-sex nuptials at midnight in Colorado.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus quasi-denies break-up, quasi-bares booty.

*widget boy cultureA League of Their Own...the musical!

*widget boy cultureCOMMUNITY RESOURCE: NYC Up & Out.

*widget boy cultureB-T-S Terry Richardson POPwater shoot images here, here, here.

*widget boy cultureCute French twink's Lo-NRG "Holiday."

*widget boy cultureMarina and the Diamonds + Charli  XCX: "Just Desserts."

*widget boy cultureWork out Teen Wolf-style with the twins:


Mar 10 2013
Need To Know: Quinn's Out & In, Here Come The Judd, Gays Against Marriage Equality, Homosuperior Leather Bar Interior + MORE Comments (1)

Christine-QuinnCity Council Speaker announces bid for NYC mayor; would be first woman, first LGBT mayor

*widget boy cultureSHE LAUGHED, SHE CRIED: Christine Quinn is in. (But no mention of her wife???)

*widget boy cultureOh, and by the way...so is Ashley Judd. (Probably.) Vince-Sant-4

*widget boy cultureI don't know if he's blank-loathing, but I sure hate his guts.

*widget boy cultureVince Sant's washboard abs.

*widget boy cultureTMZ to January Jones: "People think you're a homewrecker."

*widget boy cultureSNL hosts/alums welcome Timberlake to "Five-Timer's Club."

*widget boy cultureRivers on lesbian kiss: "I'll do just about anything for ratings."

*widget boy cultureThe contrived nature of the "selfie."

*widget boy cultureHomophobic "Harlem Shake" video from Jamaica.

*widget boy cultureDANCING IN THE SHEETS: In bed with Bowie & Jaggie.

*widget boy cultureInterview with I Want Your Love and Interior: Leather Bar director Travis Mathews.

Interiorsmall2An actor appears to contemplate documenting Val Lauren's Interior.

Feb 14 2013
TMZ: Team Madonna Zinger Comments (19)


I guess TMZ is Team Madonna. Shady, though I would caution the Little Monsters who have been meowing forever about how Madonna's so old she might break a hip onstage to rethink their attack. For the non-insane Monsters, I continue to feel bad about the concert disappearing.

This feud is itself reductive and irrelevant, so instead:

Do you think it's okay to poke fun at public figures when they're in pain? In rehab? In a hearse? Just curious for your input on when humor crosses the line.


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