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Oct 13 2015
Summer Lover Comments (0)


You've gotta check out Venfield 8's latest, greatest spread if you like hairy, thick studs. I mean, I've heard some people like that sort of thing.


Sep 21 2015
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


Venfield 8's “Summer Diary” is more interesting than mine!

Jul 23 2015
Crack Addict Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 6.48.06 PM

Fresh Venfield 8 interview. This is the one in which he discusses his fetish for big, hairy butts.

Jan 03 2015
Venfield 8 Is Enough To Fill Your Lives With Love... Comments (0)


The elusive photographer Venfield 8 has finally joined Facebook—like 'im here.

Dec 25 2014
Midnight Snack: David Laflamme Comments (0)


Via Venfield 8.

Jun 16 2014
WIN IT: Limited Edition BEAR HILL Poster Signed By David Laflamme & Venfield 8! Comments (0)


Venfield 8 is offering the above beautiful poster (22" X 28") of David Laflamme to promote his limited-edition book Bear Hill. The posters are only $20 inclusive of shipping (extra for overseas), and you can get yours signed by the model and the photographer for just $30.

Wanna win 1 instead?

James JeffersArtist James Jeffers did this cool illustration inspired by the same pose.

Just comment this post with the name of your favorite male model of all time. I'll pick 1 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5PM ET (U.S. residents only). Good luck!

Jun 03 2014
Venfield 8 Bears All! Comments (0)


Mysterious photographer Venfield 8 finally reveals himself, in a bathtub interview with Mike Enders of Accidental Bear...

 Read More

Mar 19 2014
Going All Out Comments (0)

All-OutTeaser version of "AFRIKA, 2014" by Venfield 8

Today, mystery shooter Venfield 8 will post the full, uncensored image "AFRIKA, 2014," one step in his partnership with All Out, a charity based in Parity that fights for gay rights internationally. Venfield wants to help raise awareness in any way he can, and since photography is his voice, he is raising it:

"I am doing this as an artist, the only way I know how to raise awareness especially for our brothers and sisters in Uganda who now live under draconian terms, without voices and with dwindling options. All people have to do is visit All Out to see how they can help. It doesn't mean donating money, either; just a signature helps in the fight."

It's a striking image and, of course, it's the good fight we should all be fighting. More on Venfield 8 here.


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