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Oct 13 2009
Favorite Colour Comments (0)

"Primary Colour" by Philip Riches in WINQ (Fall 2009) makes good use of some of the best models you're likely to see: 

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Oct 09 2009
Czech Him Out Comments (1)


In Winq (Fall 2009), Steve Beckouet shoots Czech Olympian Peter Kostur in a way that makes me believe he'll stay shot:

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Oct 08 2009
If Life Gives You Lemons, Take Him Comments (4)

From "Nicky Would Take Him On" by Pieter Henket inside Winq (Fall 2009), the ultra-hot Nick Lemons

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Jul 07 2009
Stan's The Man Comments (0)


Sandor Lubbe shoots Stan for Winq (Summer 2009), continuing the issue's penchant for underwear and yet also bare asses:


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Jul 01 2009
More Remi Comments (1)


Rémi Martin (named for the cognac) is an acrobat, and his layout for Winq (Summer 2009) will have you doing cartwheels, I suspect:


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Jun 30 2009
Making A Splash Comments (0)


"Poseidon" by Pieter Henket captures Edilson Nascimento at his most perfect, whether he's modeling swimwear or lounging in the raw in the surf:



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Apr 28 2009
Nice Work If You Can Get It Comments (0)


Brigitte Vincken's sleek editorial claims the cover and lots of real estate inside Winq (Spring 2009). It's entitled "The Italian Job," and it's nice work if you can get it:


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Apr 26 2009
Behind You Comments (0)


Openly gay actor Tanner Cohen (Were The World Mine) is profiled in Winq (Spring 2009), which praises him for hoping "to bring about a change by his openness." Winq declares, "We're right behind you Tanner," which means they're standing next to me.
Apr 24 2009
His Body Is A Seaside Wonderland Comments (0)


"Seaside Wonderland," a fashion editorial by Philip Riches for Winq (Spring 2009), just might be the sexiest I've seen in years. I love every image and want them as blow-ups all over my walls. Or something all over my walls:


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