Nov 29 2022

Senate Passes Respect For Marriage Act — On To The House And POTUS

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Chuck-schumer-senate-boyculture-gay-marriage-respect-marriage(Image via video sill)

It's not exactly a codification of Obergefell, but the Senate — by a vote of 61-36 — has passed landmark legislation to protect same-sex marriages federally.

The Respect for Marriage Act will likely be approved by the House next week, and signed into law by President Biden.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D- New York) was emotional as he talked about his daughter, who is married to a woman, fearing that her marital union could be erased.


Celebrity Tail + Romney vs. Trump + Singapore Legalizes Gay Sex + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Damn, that Old Kid on the Block looks good to me. How is he MY age?!

BELOW: Keep reading for celebrity tail, Romney vs. Trump and more ...

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Nov 28 2022

WHITE LOTUS Gay-Sex Scene Has Tongues Wagging + Club Q Survivor Speaks + Musk's Twitter Explodes With Right-Wing Followers + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Ed Harris — one of the all-time hottest dads.

BELOW: Keep reading for that White Lotus scene, a Club Q survivor talks and more ...

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Nov 27 2022


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If you're thinking of leaving Twitter — or just branching out — feel free to use this link:

... to sign up for Post. I'll see you there once we are approved.


Hottest Selfie + Trump Turns On Kanye + Zac Efron's Roided-Up Look + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Yes, he did that.

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Nov 26 2022

You're Welcome: Garret Birka

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Irene Cara Dies @ 63 — No Cause Known Yet

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Irene-cara-obituary-boycultureMarch 18, 1959-November 25, 2022 (Image via JM Media Group)

Terrible news that Irene Cara, 63, died Friday of undetermined causes. She was at her Florida home.

She was an incredible talent, one who shone from childhood on. It's amazing to recall she was a teen when she anchored Sparkle and 20 when Fame was shot — and when she recorded its two Oscar-nominated songs, that vivacious theme, which hit #4, and “Out Here on My Own.” (It was the first time ever two songs from the same film were Oscar-nominated.)

Stars We Have Lost in 2022 — SO FAR

Cara wisely co-wrote the theme for Flashdance, which was an even bigger hit than “Fame” — “Flashdance... What a Feeling” was a #1 hit, won her two Grammys and clinched the Oscar for her and Giorgio Moroder for Best Original Song.

I'm also very partial to her Top smash from 1984, “Breakdance.”

Theater, TV movies, the concert stage ... she did it all.


Nov 25 2022

Welcome To Nudity + Kanye/Trump/Milo/Fuentes Hate Fest In (Of Course) Florida + Gay Serial Killer + Naked Calendars + MORE! — 12-pack

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ABOVE: So far, Facebook's answer to losing 2-factor authentication is ... bye. And now Musk is openly welcoming white supremacy to Twitter. So follow my various Instagram accounts (here, here, here — depending on your tastes). It's my least useful social media presence for me, but might be the last man standing.

BELOW: Keep reading for Chippendales nudity, Kanye & Trump & Fuentes, calendars showing skin and more ...

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