Nov 23 2020

Emily Murphy Relents On Transition: Let's Get Kraken!

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Emily-murphy-biden-transition-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

Emily Murphy, the bureaucrat beholden to Trump who inexplicably held up Biden's transition over Trump's nuisance lawsuits, has written a letter to Biden that makes clear she gets it now — and that the transition is so, so on.

I guess she thought it was either this or face questioning from Rep. Katie Porter (D-California):


Trans Delaware State Senator-Elect Sarah McBride Handles Troll With Aplomb

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Sarah-mcbride-boycultureOh, gurl. (Image via Twitter)

Delaware Dem Sarah McBride made history this month when she won her election to become the first transgender person elected as a state senator.

She just posted this pithy exchange with a constituent goading her about her gender identity. This is part of why she won, and is now the highest-ranking trans elected official in U.S. history.


Tennis Hottie + Gay Bars On Life Support + Biden's Diverse Cabinet + Trump's Trans Ban Hurt The Military + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Franco Nero, who was one of cinema's sexiest.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot tennis pro, Biden's diverse Cabinet, the death of gay bars and more ...

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Carl Bernstein Outs Republican Senators Who Have Privately Trashed Trump

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(Image via Twitter)

Of the 21 GOP senators who have privately called Trump unfit to lead and worse to Carl Bernstein, only one — Mitt Romney — had the balls to vote to impeach the motherfucker.


THE CROWN's Josh O'Connor: Prince Charles Has A Big Willy!

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It feels like everyone is talking about The Crown.

Season 4 of the Netflix series is making headlines for its coverage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' rocky relationship. Emma Corrin plays the role of Princess Diana, while the handsome Josh O'Connor returns in his role as Prince Charles.

Leave it to Mr. Man to sniff out the kinky side of this story ...

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Nov 22 2020

Fleshback: Maxwell That Ends Well

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He's great in features, but even better in shorts. (Image via video still)

Happy birthday (November 23) to Maxwell Caulfield — he's one of my main men. Keep reading for more of this stunner ...

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Trump Releases The Kraken – Sidney Powell, That Is

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Sidney-powell-boyculture(Image via Twitter)


A Deep Dive Into Freak Twitter

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Gay-twitter-freak-gay-code-boycultureIf you don't know what Freak Twitter is, he will tell you. (Image via Gay Code)

Gay Code is back, and they're talking about Freak Twitter — with Twitter, does anyone ever have to pay for porn again?

Keep reading ...

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