Dec 09 2022

When Your Aunt Is A Little Bitch

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Brittney Griner: Images Of Her Release + Sinema Bolts Democratic Party + DON'T SAY GAY Villain Resigns + Joe Lando Nude + Kanye West Stripped Of Honor + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Gay history, baby! (Come follow me on IG.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Brittney Griner, Joe Lando, Cardi B, Kanye West and a trans school board member heading for recess ...

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Dec 08 2022

House Passes Respect For Marriage Act — On To Biden For Signature

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Respect-marriage-act-gay-same-sex-boyculture-obergefell(Image via PBS NewsHour)

, the House passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which mostly codifies protections for same-sex and interracial marriages. Now, it's on to President Biden for his signature.

Out gay Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-New York) presided over the bill's debate:

Noteworthy: 169 House Republicans (and 36 Senate Republicans) voted against this.

Watch this ridiculous Missouri woman CRY over equality for others:


Brittney Griner FREED! + Bro Says Trans Porn Almost Turned Him Into A Ted Bundy + Dolly Parton's God-Dog + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Has anyone ever worn/not worn a towel better 'n Billy Hufsey?

BELOW: Keep reading for a guy who thinks watching trans porn almost turned him into Ted Bundy, Brittney Griner freed and more ...

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Céline Dion Announces She Has Rare Neurological Disorder In Emotional Video

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Celine-dion-stiff-person-gr8erdaysDion's video is unforgettably raw. (Image via video still)

Singing great Céline Dion is only 54, but she has been in visibly poor health for some time. Now, she's ready to tell us why: She is suffering from a very rare neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome, and it is affecting every aspect of her life.

Yes, that means her voice is in danger.

Watch the video, which is so gut-wrenchingly emotional, HERE.


Dec 07 2022

Versace's Surviving Partner Dies + Gay Rep. Scott Weiner Targeted As A Groomer + Wayne Besen On Sam Brinton + DON'T SAY GAY Author Indicted For Fraud + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: See Thomas Howell?!

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay lawmaker targeted as a groomer, Herschel Walker's surprisingly humble concession and more ...

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Fleshback: Dewey Martin

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Dec 06 2022

Neal Bledsoe Defects From GAF Over Bigot Candace Cameron Bure + Domestic Terrorists Killed Power Grid Over Drag Show + Whitney Houston Pop-Up NYC + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Alec Mapa has the right idea.

BELOW: Actor defects from Christian network, Officer Sicknick's family ignores right-wing two-facers and more ...

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