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July 31, 2007

Boy Culture: The Movie, The Book, The Blog

Ultimate_final_boy_culture_poster_4Click here for the official Web site of the movie Boy Culture, or order it on DVD here. Click here to buy the novel Boy Culture. Or just keep reading to check out the personal blog of Matthew Rettenmund: BOY CULTURE: Men, Media, Madonna, Mouthing Off & ME.


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I'm excited to watch this since I totally loved the book. Although I was a little bit perplexed that Darryl Stephens played X's love interest since I do remember the line that he was supposed to have a V-shaped torso that went into a U-turn. Hm. Maybe, you changed a few things but I'll try to have an open mind about it.

Thanks so much! Yes, they made big creative changes to the Andrew character. But I think most viewers are pleasantly surprised. (And Darryl's got a rockin' body, c'mon!) Thanks again!

He does have a great body but like X, I have a thing for the not-so-rockin' body that Andrew had...And tell me if I'm dreaming but wasn't he caucasian in the book? I tried going back and reading and he was white, which threw me for a loop when I saw the pictures a few months ago.

Yep, he's a very content black man. In the book, Andrew was a blank screen onto which the reader (and X) could project. But for the film, they fleshed him out and added a racial element. I think that wound up being a very good decision, even if at first I thought it meant the director didn't "get" where the book was coming from. I was wrong—he got it.

Darryl Stephens is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen

I am so there opening night at the Quad!

Will there be a premiere with the cast and such Matt?

Thanks, Scott! I'm not sure what the plan is for opening night. I heard at one point the actors and other principals would be scattered between NYC, LA and SF. I'll blog anything I hear. Thanks!

Hey Matthew - thanks for reading my blog and I am now just discovering your blog too! Great Stuff! I am bookmarking it now and will be a repeat visitor! Electroqueer

Thanks! Everyone should know about Electroqueer. If you don't, go check it out!

this looks like a good movie, looking forward to see it. So Matt are you from New York and a movie director?


I just wish it were premiering in Boston a few weeks earlier as I'll be attending a conference there the first week in April. I got the book (hardcover) back when it was first released and loved it. (I can see it on my bookshelf directly above my laptop here.) Can't wait to see the movie.

Tony: I live in NYC (15 years) but I didn't direct, just wrote the novel on which Boy Culture was based. Ethan: Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Sorry it's not rolling out on 3,000+ screens but it's just not quite as good as...Wild Hogs...cough.

I was able to see this movie and it is fantasic! Amazing cast!

I did an interview with the director Q. Allan Brocka and he talks about this and other movies he has worked in the past!

I just wanted to ask a question. Did Joey and X ever had sex as payment for x giving joey free rent? My friends are fighting over this. thanks.

Lay down your arms! No, X let Joey live there free for appearances for tax purposes, but they never had sex.

Matthew! Loving the blog, loving the video from "Big Gay Sketch Show", and looking forward to seeing "Boy Culture" the film. Rock on!

Finally it's coming to Columbus! I'll drive that far!

Congratulations Matthew!!

From Spain, I hope BOY CULTURE arrive to Europe!!!

Your Old Colaborator Chris Marquez

Thank you, Josh, Ben & Chris. Your support means a lot!


I just came back to the city after a long trip overseas and I can't find BC in a theatre anywhere! Can you tell me if it´ll be playing in in NY again anytime soon?

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LOVE BOY CUTURE! you have made something wonderful and incredable in the world of the blogs...

Sitting here in the tropical heat rain bugs in my tropical village of Puerto Vallarta.

Love and Peace

Thank you so much—love & peace to you, too!

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