Jun 10 2024

Furry Beast + Steven Dehler Forever + Julia Louis-Dreyfus Parts Ways With Jerry Seinfeld On Wokeism + His Name Includes DICK And DYKE But He Don't Swing That Way + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Power pair, not power couple.

BELOW: Keep reading for a furry beast, a big setback for Netanyahu, a virtue-signaling popstar and more ...

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Jun 09 2024

Lon Of New York: An Eternal Devotee Of The Beautiful

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I just added to my BoyCulture Substack my vintage interview with the late, great Lon of New York, one of the best physique photographers who ever did it.

Lon is now long-dead, and my interview itself is 27 years old. But I spruced it up with some incredible imagery, and I think it's far more interesting than ever.

Lon-connoisseur-boyculture(Image via Connoisseur Album No. 1)

At BoyCulture Substack, I will post interviews and other original posts of more depth and length, including some great Q&As that I conducted while researching an upcoming Esquire.com piece on Mandate and the other Mavety Media magazines, so much of which did not fit in the final piece.

I would love it if you would subscribe — it's free, with $8 as the first paid level (for 1 month).

Another option — during Pride Month, from now through June 30, anyone who subscribes for $150 through me directly on this post gets a lifetime sub to the Substack. No renewals necessary.

$150 to Paypal and I do the rest.


Mariano Rubín de Celis: You're Welcome

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Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 9.19.31 PM(All images by Paul Petzy)

One of the most stunning men I have ever seen in person is Mariano Rubín de Celis. I spotted him and his beautiful butt in NYC at a Pride March, and was pleasantly surprised when he later became a famous OnlyFans content-making machine.

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 9.27.45 PM

As a little Pride sampler, here are some recent shots of Mariano by Paul Petzy.

Keep reading for Mariano's various accounts, too ...

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YUMMYZINE's Hottest Model Yet? + Israel Violently Frees 4 Hostages, Leaving About 76 + Kate Jackson Update + Barbra Streisand's Political Party + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Some bi pride, using High School Musical to hammer home the point.


Matthew-rettenmund-IMG_3214Check out my OnlyFans HERE. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

BELOW: Keep reading for hot guys, good news (and bad) and more ...

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Jun 08 2024

Put Your Money Shot Where Your Mouth Was — Why WINTER BOY Is One Of France's Sexiest Gay Exports

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Via Mr. Man:


The French simply do nudity better, and if you need an example, we suggest you check out the coming-of-age movie Winter Boy, which is now streaming Stateside on Mubi. Paul Kircher plays a teen coping with the loss of his father in the best way possible - by going on a journey of self-discovery that includes plenty of encounters with hot guys.

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Jun 07 2024

GROUP THERAPY Premieres At TriBeCa: Full Q&A

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Tig-notaro-group-therapy-IMG_0348 copyTig is one of my favorite comics of all time — a thrill to see her live. (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I went last night to see the TriBeCa Film Festival premiere of Neil Berkeley's doc Group Therapy, a unique film in which several well-known stand-up comics open up about mental health.

Neil-patrick-harris-boycultureHow I didn't meet Neil Patrick Harris

Yes, that sounds depressing, but it's actually poignant, and frequently hilarious. I'm not convinced using Neil Patrick Harris as a sort of pseudo-therapist/moderator really elevated the proceedings, but his is a faultlessly earnest and empathetic presence.

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Matt Bomer's Next Move + Queer Music Explosion + Half-Naked Guys + James Earl Hardy: Cover Man + MORE! — 12-PACK

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Boyculture-Swimwear_Boudoir_Line_Square_Post_No_Logo (4)Hope floats. (Image by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi)

ABOVE: Modus Vivendi's Boudoir Swimwear line — it's a tie!

Sexy-model-male-shirtless-boycultureSpread the joy. (Image via Charlie by MZ)

P.S. Charlie by MZ's Iconic Swim series ain't chopped liver, either.

BELOW: Keep reading for Bomer, Dr. Phil, James Earl Hardy, queer tunes and more ...

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Christian Campbell Strips Down + Japan's 1st Gay Romantic Series + Anti-Gay Lifeguard Wins Partial Concession + How Tig Notaro Came Out To Her Kids + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Ed Fury was sex on legs, and damn near lived to 100.

BELOW: Keep reading for Christian Campbell nude, Japan's gay series and more ...

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