Feb 26 2021

Fleshback: PARTING GLANCES, Lingering Stars

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A very happy b'day to John Bolger of Parting Glances ... and follow me on Instagram for more than a glance at him and so many other great (and often hot) stars!


Feb 25 2021

Junk In The Twunk!

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According to Mr. Man, every one of these boys is a twunka-twunka burnin' love!

Twunks are men who are halfway between twink and hunk, and Mr. Man is rounding up the sexiest naked celebrity twunks to celebrate everything that makes the twunk such a magical specimen of masculinity.

Broad shoulders. Cute face. Ripped gymnast bod. Fat ass. And big dick. These are the making of a celeb twunk. If you like what you’re hearing, then just wait until you see all of the twunkinicious goodness below ...

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Looking Back Upon Our Lives: A Review Of IT'S A SIN — Spoiler Alert

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Its-a-sin-actors-gay-aids-boycultureTheir stories are our stories. (Images via Channel 4)

When it comes to the early years of the AIDS crisis, I can't say, “I was there.” Rather, I was around there.

My youth wasn't so much directly shaken by AIDS as it was formed by the tsunami it created. I was already aware of what AIDS was before I had my first kiss in 1987, so by the time I was having sex, it was a fact of life. There was no meaningful before, during and after for me, just — after.

Instead of sexual abandon, I poured myself into collecting things, obsessing over music, making art and writing. I eventually worked out many of my frustrations in a novel that, in retrospect, exposes some of my AIDS-induced hang-ups — and I think It's a Sin could be read as similarly revelatory of the mindset of creator Russell T. Davies, for better and for worse.

Having received largely rapturous reviews, It's a Sin, a commercial, serialized, gay-told take on how AIDS ravaged the queer community in London in the '80s, is now experiencing a bit of a backlash, mostly from HIV activists, whose experience with the subject matter makes it impossible for me to refute their experience with the series. From the perspective of someone who narrowly missed the early years of HIV, and as an HIV-negative man, It's a Sin was always going to mean something different to me than it would mean to people who truly survived that era.

But I think the praise and the criticism are both valuable, and speak to the buttons Davies and his talented cast are pushing — buttons that should be pushed more often so we don't wind up, as we did when this first aired in the UK, with scores of young people expressing shock that AIDS ever happened in the first place.

Overall, I loved It's a Sin. Over the course of four episodes, I was engrossed in the story, impressed by the acting and surprised by Davies' deft ability to work in other aspects of gay life that I hadn't expected, including issues surrounding coming of age, coming out, meeting your first gay person, coming to terms with and exploring sexuality and dealing with parental, political and social pressures while attempting to nurture one's own sense of self. The series is not the story of HIV, after all, but the story of a group of people confronted by it, and it is most successful when not losing sight of that.

The fifth episode, however, failed miserably for me. It was so off the mark it caused me to reflect more deeply and critically on minor quibbles I'd had with the previous installments, and led me to decide I felt It's a Sin — which I urge everyone to watch — is a far better and more important work if one forgets the final episode.

Read on if you are okay with spoilers ...

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IT'S A SIN Has People Talking + Trump's Taxes Hit Manhattan + Marjorie Taylor Greene's Anti-Trans Sign + Florida Karen Trashes Kamala + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Anchor aweigh!

BELOW: Keep reading for a contrarian POV on It's a Sin, a Florida Karen dragging Kamala into her battles, Trump's tax returns hit the Manhattan D.A. and more ...

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Feb 24 2021

Chris Hemsworth's Boss New Gig + Ghanian Activist On Live TV: I'M GAY + Cuomo's Woes + Her Boyfriend, Though + MORE! —12-PACK

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ABOVE: His shorts!

BELOW: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth, a meth treatment, movie endings, Cuomo's woes and more ...

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Reg Lewis, Golden Age Of Bodybuilding Star, Dies @ 85

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Reg-lewis-boyculturePeak peek (Image via video still)

Reg Lewis, a towering figure in the bodybuilding field from the 1950s on, reportedly died on Valentine's Day, He was 85.

Lewis won many titles, including Mr. America and Mr. Universe - Tall (Short and Overall for that year, '57, were won by Arthur Robin, who is alive and in his nineties).

He was also a prominent figure in Mae West's coterie of beefcake.


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Feb 23 2021

Fleshback: He Has A Child!

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You can decide if Billy Zane is more your speed or whether you like Barry Bostwick in his prime, shaking his moneymaker, by following me on Instagram!


The Insane Sex In IT'S A SIN

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The new British series It’s A Sin follows a group of young men navigating the ‘80s AIDS crisis, and as such is one of the most important and acclaimed shows in years.

Olly Alexander (of Years & Years fame) leads a cast of passionate men who embody the resilient spirits of the LGBTQ community.

What MrMan also noticed about It’s A Sin is that the five-part miniseries doesn’t shy away from some of the sexy and intimate moments shared between these sexually uninhibited fellas. Here’s a rundown of the super spicy sexcapades you can find in It’s A Sin ...

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