Oct 28 2020

DNA's Birthday Suit + Guns At Polls Okayed In Michigan + Trump Abandons Nebraska Voters + Kim Kardashian: Guillotine Idol + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Bath that thing up.

BELOW: Sizzling-hot DNA cover, Biden on the latest police execution, Trump abandons his Nebraska voters and more ...

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Oct 27 2020

VAGINA POOP Is the Inevitable Outcome Of Deep Fakes

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Donald-trump-sassy-justice-boycultureSassy Justice delayed(Image via video still)

This is a clever way to address deep fakes — an insanely convincing deep fake of Trump, Al Gore, Ivanka Trump and others. This shit is terrifying ...

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Biden's Closing Ads Feature His Plea To LEAVE THE DARK, ANGRY POLITICS OF THE PAST 4 YEARS Behind Us

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Joe-jill-biden-boycultureI hope Pennsylvania is listening ... (Images via video stills)

Team Biden's last two major ads for the cycle feature the candidate humbly asking Americans for their votes, and promising to leave “the dark, angry politics of the past four years behind us.” One ad spotlights Jill Biden narrating her husband's story, emphasizing his character.

Great stuff, and — unfortunately for Trump — you can't fake this:

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Prince Azim, The Gay Prince Of Virulently Anti-Gay Brunei, Dies @ 38

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Prince Azim of Brunei, the flamboyant royal who was outed by Perez Hilton amid his father's crackdown on homosexuality, has died following a long, undisclosed illness. He was just 38.

It is conjectured Azim had battled cancer. He died Saturday and was buried the same day. His father, Hassanal Bolkiah, declared seven days of mourning, during which any kind of celebrating is banned.

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Susan Sarandon Slides Into Tenacious D's Get Out The Vote TIME WARP

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Susan-sarandon-time-warp-boycultureI realize she is literally just advocating for moving left, but ... (Image via video still)

The new Tenacious D cover of “Time Warp” is pretty spectacular, and it makes use of such celebrity cameos as Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren (foes in primary season).

Oddly, Susan Sarandon — a villain to all but those on the far left for her advocacy of allowing Trump to win in order to expedite a socialist revolution (that has failed, hard, to materialize) — also joined in the fun.

I guess she just want people to vote and to move left; she certainly isn't endorsing Biden here ... but the cover is great:

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Alan Ritchson's Body Speaks! + The Killing Of Walter Wallace + PLAYGIRL Relaunched + Jackson Wang For L'OFFICIAL HOMMES USA + Racist Asian Man In Arizona + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: If you think model Brent Clancy has the right stuff, wait till you see his always-in-fashion junk. (Work Unfriendly)

BELOW: Playgirl is returning (but don't get too excited — no dad bods), Alan Ritchson is shirtless (but don't get too excited — no dad bod), Biden's chances of becoming the 46th U.S. president have held firm, cops shot a Black man in Philadelphia rather than attempting to de-escalate the situation, Arizona's Asian racist may be one of the most ridiculous caught-on-video anti-Black farces yet and much more ...

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HANDMAIDEN Confirmed To SCOTUS — What Now?

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Amy-Coney-Barrett-SCOTUS-Robert-P-George-boycultureThis is what you call gloating — an anti-marriage equality professor with his “handmaiden.” (Image via Twitter)

I've always understood that the Republicans were merely sticking with Trump to use him, and that there is no love lost between them in many cases. However, I used to be surprised they had not abandoned him sooner. Like, why not dump him early in 2020 and try to save their jobs? But now it's clear — the ideological ones knew that there was always a good chance of a third, generation-impacting SCOTUS seat. And now, they have it. Amy Coney Barrett was rammed through, was approved less than eight days before the national election, and that is that. She is wildly anti-reproductive freedom, anti-LGBTQ, anti-voting rights, anti-ACA, and we all know it. And she is about to show it.

Why Expanding the SCOTUS Is a Good Idea — HERE

Now, we are going to have to look very seriously at expanding the Supreme Court. It's not a snap-our-fingers prospect, but has been done and is both constitutional and only fair. We will also have our work cut out for us legislatively. If the Court invalidates same-sex marriages and eliminates the constitutional right to abortion, kicking it to the states is not good enough. We will have to fight on every level to preserve people's rights. Which sounds ... exhausting.

But let's remember: Anything can happen. (This goes both ways. Like, Thomas could retire now and they could get a fourth Trump justice by January. Or Trump could win, which is unlikely, and they could get a fourth, fifth and sixth. Or, on the other hand, Biden could win and Amy Coney Barrett or any other justice could drop dead; we simply do not know what the future brings.) Anything can happen, but the wind is at our backs in every other regard; let's make sure Biden/Harris, with the mandate I hope they will have in a week, will take full advantage of it.


Oct 26 2020

The Hunking Of Bly Manor: Oliver Jackson-Cohen's Gay & Shirtless Scenes

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Via Mr. Man:

Oliver Jackson-Cohen is making series waves thanks to his role on the breakout-hit Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor. He doesn't show much skin there, but he certainly did in Man in an Orange Shirt, where he flashed his ass during a gay sex scene!

This British heartthrob is truly the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Oliver is the kind of guy who looks great in a suit, a pair of jeans or without his shirt.

He appeared in several series before snagging the impressive role as Jonathan Harker on NBC’s Dracula. We hit the skin jackpot with Oliver when he bared his absolutely beautiful butt in the miniseries World Without End.

Our world would end if O J-C never got nude again, so we’re hoping to see more of the sexy actor’s body.